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    Enthusiasm for Asian cuisine and practical knowledge of years in preparing Sushi is the seal of quality owned by the Tran family in the MIDO restaurant.

The history of

the Tran family

In his early ages Ha Tran already developed his passion for good, Asian food. Along with the cuisine of his homeland Vietnam he is enthusiastic already from childhood for traditional Japanese Sushi.


Cuisine for anybody

Our menus offer an unbelievable variety for any sense of taste concerning Vietnamese and Japanese delis. Crunchy fresh salads, warm Vietnamese specialties, Sashimi an Sushi. Wines which go along well or typical Asian drinks made of fruits and fresh herbs will bring your unique exotic experience of taste to an unexpected fulfilling perfection.


Asian food

In a stylish way

Look forward to our tasty dishes of Asian cuisine and our traditional Japanese ambience. Find authentic dishes which will be prepared with ambition and style – especially for you.


preparation of Sushi

Sushi and Sashimi which have been transformed to filigree sculptures you will only find at MIDO’s. Book your table online or by phone and be anxious and curious for perfect Sushi and authentic Vietnamese food.


Liebe Mido Gäste,

Täglich von 17:30 - 20:30 darf jede Reservierung nur 1 Stunde im Restaurant sich aufhalten. (ab der Bestellaufnahme beim Kellner wird die Zeit gezählt)

Wer aus irgendwelchen Anlassen länger bleiben möchte, muss das vorab mit Uns abklären.

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